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Going to Your First Auction

Auctions can be a confusing place to visit if you never been before. The auction house is crowded, the auctioneer speaks fast, cards are flying up into the air, and people are rushing hurriedly up and down aisles with items won. You are sitting in the audience with itchy nose that you are afraid to scratch because you might bid on something. Relax, with a little knowledge you will do fine.

Finding an auction: There are a few ways to find an auction in your area. Newspapers are Continue reading


Vintage Baseball Mitts/Gloves

Varsity Baseball Mitt BackAt last count there were over 600 vintage or antique baseball gloves selling on eBay. It is tight market. The people who collect them know exactly what they want and usually just for their own personal reasons. It could be a glove for each decade they want, one from each manufacturer from a certain time period, or signed by MVP’s. What is valuable to one collector can be meaningless to another. Continue reading